Bluetiful Milano is a young italian brand inspired by fashion and design. 

We relish to revamp icons from the past in a stylish and contemporary appearance. 

A mix of old ambiance and new trends with a spicy twist for the modern mademoiselle with magnetic charm.

The newly brand was born in Milan in 2017, to add some spice to the design world. Because life is just too short not to create, not to go trough.

We're always happy to collaborate with new people and realities, so please contact us if you want to share your idea:


The headpiece of the Renaissance Courtesan is the first object of our collection: an exuberant padded headband to adorn the face.

Inspired by the headwear of the renaissance mademoiselle and the aura seens in many paitings, our headband bring light to the image of the contemporary girl who dresses with nostalgic magnetism.

Handcrafted in Italy by meticulous skilled crafts women.