Everything has started in 2017 in Milano, the city where we met and raised. We are Marta and Martina and Bluetiful Milano grew out of our friendship and passions. 

The word "Bluetiful" evokes the sound of the word "beautiful" with a catchy wordplay and a small changing. This trick reflects exactly our brand spirit: de-dramatise the classic beauty for a more fresh, timeless one.

Taking inspiration from the Renaissance world, we designed our first collection: a padded headband that evokes both the courtesan headwear than the image of auras seen in many paintings. We love to set our projects in a sophisticated scenario: a mix of old ambiance and fresh trends with a kinky twist.

Our products are iconic objects, both attractive and decorative, to adorn all face shapes and hair styles,... and your apartment interior too!

Made in numerous sumptuous fabrics, they are also available for bespoke hand dyeing. 

Every piece of our collections is handcrafted in Italy by meticulous crafts women.

We're always happy to collaborate with new people and realities, so please contact us if you want to share your idea: hello@bluetiful.it